Justin Bieber snubs Melbourne fan

Bieber's isolation seemed to be a theme of the show as he first appeared in a floating glass box

Justin Bieber snubs Melbourne fan

"Look at you. You make me sick", before sticking a lollipop in his mouth and getting in his auto.

Justin Bieber is facing backlash again after a meeting with a Melbourne fan turned nasty.

"Look at your respect level", he said to a teenage fan Australia's Herald Sun identified as Sebah Helal, who was trying to get his attention as he made his way through the crowd. "It doesn't say in fine print whenever you see me you also get a photo (sic)".

Justin began the Australian leg of his Purpose World Tour in Perth this week.

Friday night even saw Adele come to the defence of Bieber, after receiving boos once she asked whether or not fans would be attending his show in Sydney on Wednesday.

The star has become very aware of his insane fans in recent months - one devotee pulled Justin's pants down during an incident in Prague, Czech Republic, in November, prompting a bodyguard to rush to the embarrassed singer's rescue.

However, she quickly rushed to defend the star, saying: "If you started out at 12, you'd be like that too, okay!"

Recalling her version of events, super-fan Sabah revealed how she'd read earlier in the day that Justin was being transported around the city in a Porche and Volvo. I took the photo anyway because I thought when am I going to have this moment in my life?'

Taking to Twitter, one concertgoer wrote, 'So excited, yet a little disappointed.

Bieber has previously explained why he's not happy to pose with fans in a post on social media, writing: "It's gotten to the point where people don't say hi to me or recognise me as a human, I feel like a zoo animal and I wanna keep my sanity".

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