Prince and Princess of pot arrested again

Vancouver police arrived at the Cannabis Culture location downtown early Thursday morning

Vancouver police arrived at the Cannabis Culture location downtown early Thursday morning

The raids come a day after prominent marijuana activists Marc and Jodie Emery were taken into custody at Pearson Airport last night.

It's unclear what charges the pair may be facing.

They've been charged with offences related to trafficking cannabis.

Five counts of possession for the objective schedule II.

The couple owns the Cannabis Culture brand, which operates 19 marijuana dispensaries.

The tweets of Cannabis Culture confirmed that at least two Toronto locations were raided Thursday morning: Church Street and Queen Street East. Also hearing of raids at other Cannabis Culture franchise in ON.

While Jodie and Marc Emory awaited a bail hearing, a Toronto police spokesman stated that five other arrests were made during the raids and 11 search warrants were executed, including four residential homes, in addition the seven pot shops. "This is the latest effort in our law enforcement, and I'm certain there will be further action".

The couple, owners of Cannabis Culture chain were held overnight at Toronto police's 51 Division following their arrests and were set to appear in court Thursday morning.

The Emerys' lawyer Jack Lloyd couldn't say what the charges against his clients were. In an interview with CTV News Channel Thursday afternoon, Tousaw said that although hundreds of marijuana dispensaries operate in Canada, the Emerys were targeted for their "political outspokenness".

Photos shared on social media show police raids in dispensaries in Vancouver, Ottawa, and several stores in Toronto.

"Dispensaries are doing an excellent job providing dignified access to cannabis without causing any harm to the local communities..."

While medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for years, some dispensaries have been jumping the gun on recreational legalization, selling to patients without medical IDs.

The Emery's run about a dozen shops across Canada.

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