Royal Jordanian Bans Electronic Devices From US Flights

The restrictions would apply to flights coming from some North African and Middle Eastern countries, according to CNN.

"We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide an update when appropriate", DHS said in a statement to the BBC.

So far, only Royal Jordanian Airlines has tweeted about (and subsequently deleted its message).

Royal Jordanian published a statement on the matter on its official Twitter account, but then deleted the tweet a short while later. The ban does not include mobile phones and medical devices needed during the flight, but complicates life for business travelers. These and other devices, including SLR cameras, DVD players and handheld games consoles, are now not allowed in the cabin.

Al Riyadh newspaper, which is close to the Saudi government, reported that the civil aviation authority had informed "airlines flying from the kingdom's (Saudi) airports to USA airports of the latest measures from US security agencies in which passengers must store laptops and tablets" in checked in baggage. It would affect flights flying into New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal, the tweet said.

The reason for the new measure is, apparently, safety, although that does not easily tally with the exclusion of cell phones from the list of banned items.

Passengers on flights originating in 13 nations will no longer be allowed to carry any electronic device larger than a cellphone in airline cabins, United States media reported on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security didn't deny there is a directive, but declined to comment.

A tweet sent by Royal Jordanian about the policy has since been removed.

Meanwhile people are responding to the Royal Jordanian post and seem super frustrated with the sudden rule change.

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