Small Plane Crashes in Mall Parking Lot After Mid-Air Collision

Planes collide above shopping centre on Montreal's South ShoreMore

Planes collide above shopping centre on Montreal's South ShoreMore

Two small planes collided over a bustling shopping mall south of Montreal, killing one person and injuring three others, Quebec's public security minister said Friday. He also told the pilot another aircraft was one mile ahead of him at an altidude of 1,100 feet.

Police in in the city of Longueuil, Quebec, said each plane only had a pilot on board and that both were injured.

According to aviation expert Keith Mackey, a number of things could have caused the crash, including glare from the sun, a possible mechanical issue or the experience level of the pilots.

One of the aircraft crashed into the roof of the Promenades St-Bruno mall, about 12 miles east of Montreal, and the other fell into the auto park. The injured pilot was rushed to the hospital along with two witnesses who suffered from shock following the crash.

Twenty years ago four people died when two Cessnas, one privately owned and the second owned by Cargair, collided at the Mascouche Airport.

Witnesses at the scene described hearing a loud bang.

"I heard the motor so low to the ground and then a loud boom", he said.

Cargair said in a news release it was working with authorities and offered its sympathies to the families of the pilots. The Transportation Safety Board finds the pilots of the glider and the Cessna probably didn't see each other because of blind spots and other visual problems.

In that 1997 crash both planes were approaching the runway to land.

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