Starbucks Introduces Special Spring-Themed Cups

Source   Starbucks

Source Starbucks

Spring is nearly here, and Starbucks is getting into the spirit by unveiling spring coffee cups for the first time.

- Melissa Maxwell (@MelissaMaxwell1) March 9, 2017 the new Starbucks cups look...familiar!

During that time, customers will be given either yellow, blue or green cups when they order a hot beverage.

And seriously these cups are simply perfection. The white circles will be filled with hand-drawn designs that represent springtime.

Sadly, the coffee containers won't be around for very long as they are debuting on March 16 and going away a few days later. In lieu of the well-known Starbucks logo, Starbucks is encouraging their customers to draw in their own spring designs. The Seattle-based company isn't trying to stir the pot on the holiday debate that comes when it changes its cups.

Fans of Starbucks' seasonal shakeup in cup design have yet another season to look forward to. Starbucks has offered seasonal cups for more than 20 years, but this is its first spring line.

Starbucks knows that people love (and love to boycott) their themed cups that signal the start of the holiday season, summer, and autumn.

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