Stars pay tribute to 'pioneer' rocker Chuck Berry

Berry exhibit

Berry exhibit

Music recently lost one of its true pioneers as Rock N Roll icon Charles "Chuck" Berry has passed away at the age of 90.

St. Charles County police responded to a medical emergency on Buckner Road at approximately 12:40 p.m. today (Saturday, March 18). He could not be revived and was pronounced dead at 13:26.

Here's a photographic look at his legacy.

At 90, Berry left behind a life that even Johnny B. Goode would have had a hard time hoping for. He received a Grammy for lifetime achievement in 1984 and two years later became a charter member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with Presley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and others.

Berry claimed on The Tonight Show that he was influenced primarily by 1940s swing artist Louis Jordan.

Rock legend Rod Stewart stated that Chuck Berry was a cornerstone in Rock and Roll, as his "Live at the Tivoli" was the first album he ever bought. "Rock "n" roll music".

The Jacksons also posted a joint statement on Twitter writing that Berry "cast one of the longest shadows".

He leaves behind his wife, Toddy, who he married in 1948, and four children.

Berry had a never give up performing attitude but he hadn't recorded in a long time.

Berry is credited with originating many quirks exclusively associated with the rock "n" roll genre, including a rollicking, danceable beat, his famous "duck walk" and a heavy, rhythmic guitar style that he may well have been described in the song Johnny B. Goode: "just like he's ringin' a bell".

"You can hear his influence in every rock & roll band from my generation on".

His first breakthrough came in 1955, a rewrite of a 1938 country song by Bob Wills renamed "Maybellene".

On Saturday, the music world reeled upon the loss of Chuck Berry, the ingenious writer and guitar hero whose work laid the foundation of rock "n" roll. Berry was tried twice and found guilty both times.

His song list was the history of Rock and Roll. Berry was sentenced to three years; he served 20 months and was released from prison in 1964.

No further details are yet available regarding Berry's death.

He was still touring as recently as 2014 and his website heralds his first new album in 38 years, which reportedly includes new material, as coming "soon".

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