Things to Watch For at Donald Trump's Meeting With Angela Merkel

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GETTYThe AfD have been struggling in recent polls

Trump, who has long wanted to forge closer ties with Vladimir Putin, is expected to specifically seek Merkel's advice on dealing with the Russian President. He once said what she did in Germany with refugees was "insane".

Subscribe to The World's Most Powerful Women, Fortune's daily must-read for global businesswomen. This hour On Point: When Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump. Apart from hearing Merkel's "insights into what it's like to deal with Russians", the official said Trump would also ask for advice on how U.S. could help resolve the Ukraine conflict.

"Free trade has only made this success story in the USA possible - 70 percent of the automobiles produced here are exported", Krueger said at a conference in February.

Many analysts say the meeting is Trump's most important with a foreign leader since taking office.

With Trump advisors split over whether to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the German chancellor may have an opening to lobby the USA administration to maintain its support for the historic, 194-nation treaty.

Responses from Europe's largest economy could include incrementally higher duties on imports from America and allowing German companies to make their US import tax deductible, thus compensating their competitive disadvantage, according to the report.

Merkel's trip to Washington, D.C., has been delayed from Tuesday to Friday, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said in his daily news briefing Monday.

"I am deeply convinced that the trans-Atlantic partnership based on common values is in all of our interests, not only for us Europeans", Merkel said in previewing her meeting at the White House.

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