Tiny Canadian Town Suddenly Has Bright Pink Tap Water

Tiny Canadian Town Suddenly Has Bright Pink Tap Water

Tiny Canadian Town Suddenly Has Bright Pink Tap Water

An Alberta, Canada town has apologized to its residents after they were alarmed to discover bright pink water coming from their faucets.

Complaints from some of its 1,000 residents began to pour into town office and on social media last March 6.

The chemical is thought to be commonly used to remove iron and hydrogen sulphide from water, according to the BBC.

"While it is alarming to see pink water coming from your taps", a statement said.

Town Mayor Dale Krasnow maintained that the water was safe and the public was not at risk and blamed the odd color on a stuck valve in the town's water distribution center.

The town drained its water reservoir and all lines have been flushed, but there may be some residual colour in some systems, the mayor said, adding property owners may need to run their water for a few minutes to clear their service lines.

She said at the time it was still running clear but it later ran bright pink from the hot water taps.

Too much of the chemical, however, can turn the water pink or purple.

He said: "Could the Town have done a better job of communicating what was going on yesterday to our community - absolutely, without a doubt".

"And we do apologise for that".

Potassium permanganante can cause skin irritation, but there were no reports of any adverse effects from Onoway's residents, who were more upset about being kept in the dark.

Though he emphasised there was no cause for alarm, Mayor Krasnow apologised for the way the situation was handled.

Despite Mayor Krasnow's reassurance that the pink water is safe, Onoway resident Vicki Veldhuyzen Van Zanten said that she didn't use it.

A second statement released later Tuesday said officials with public works, and officials from Alberta Environment had completed their assessment of the incident, and early results found an issue with automations and/or valves at the water treatment plant.

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