Top tips for keeping Daylight Saving Time from negatively affecting kids

Keen inspects a clock face before changing the time on the 100-year-old clock atop the Clay County Courthouse Saturday

Top tips for keeping Daylight Saving Time from negatively affecting kids

So get an early night in preparation, and beware of your smartphone because often it'll change the time automatically instead of requiring you do it manually. Although Franklin opined on the concept of Daylight Saving Time, it was first instituted by Germany on May 1, 1916 in an effort to conserve fuel during World War I.

"In addition to saving energy more daylight is a big benefit for tourism", he said.

Rather than simply eliminate DST, the new bill by Assemblymember Kansen Chu (D - San Jose) would give the Legislature the power to change its dates and times by a majority vote. When you set your clock forward, consider making a life-saving change in your household - change and test the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - and remind your friends, family and neighbors to do the same.

"Daylight Saving Time can be hard for everyone", Mindell says. Traditionally, Daylight Saving Time begins the second week of March until the first Sunday in November and now follows the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Daylight Saving Time was not created to help farmers. Also, it prevents traffic incidents because people are driving around more during the light hours. In 1966, Congress passed the time act unifying the practice across the US but allowing states to opt out by local ordinance. Although energy consumption for lighting dropped as a result of the DST adoption, consumption for heating and cooling increased by 2 to 4 percent.

Daylight Saving Time fell out of use after the war, but was again taken up and then subsequently dropped over the course of World War II.

By setting the clocks back in winter, Brits get an earlier sunrise and earlier sunset.

It's Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time. The Congressional bill also allows local entities to abstain from daylight saving time if they so choose.

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