'Walking Dead': How the Comics Could Influence What's Next for Sasha

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Sasha tries to reach Rosita emotionally but Rosita walls up and keeps her at bay: "I'm not here to get to know you".

Let's just hope the last two episodes of the series finally make The Walking Dead great again.

Christian Serratos, who was also on the aftershow and plays Rosita, chimed in to say it's also been on her mind.

Sasha joined the group way back in Season 3 when she and her brother Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and some other survivors (now all dead) arrived at the prison. Sasha tells her to watch her back while she cuts open the fence. The Plan B was always going to be the less reliable of their options, so to race in there knowing the likelihood of her success was slim to none, felt weak for a pragmatic strategist who does her best work as a sniper. That she had promised herself to murder to avenge the death of Abraham? Daryl seemingly avoids her, putting all the blame on himself for the outburst that got Glenn killed.

Which brings us to now.

"The most impressive thing is that he's this disgusting person doing terrible things to characters you love, but he had this spark that's engaging", Kirkman said. Sasha is lucky that they found Rosita - she knows how to do everything. Seeking peace from an external source isn't going to get her the closure she wants. I guess Rosita also had a death wish, but since 50 percent minimum of the cast have a death wish at any given time, that hardly made her stand out. They're not friends, exactly - Rosita's anger and pain is too deep - but Rosita at least allowed herself to share something about who she is and where she came from. And though it promises more - because there is a whole lot to get to - there is an ending'. It wasn't like that with Abraham, though. What Sasha chooses to do in those ten minutes is up to her. Sasha wants to snipe him from outside the Sanctuary, while Rosita wants to slip into the compound to make sure they kill him.

The idiocy of their mission can not be overstated, and it's going to create serious problems for Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) secret plan to go to war with the Saviors.

He wants to stay on a good level with the Saviors because Simon said he's "a good producer for us, don't want you to deal with any stress". After listening in to Savior chatter on the radio, they decide their best plan is to go inside.

"I think I have proven that I can work with Negan, but I have got to hang on to my people's trust, otherwise you don't know who might take over, someone else might not be so cooperative, they might have insane ideas", said Gregory.

While they were up in a building outside of the Sanctuary trying to get a sight on Negan to snipe him, they spotted Eugene (Josh McDermitt) giving out orders to Saviors with his cremblygunk in his pocket. "So we go in", Rosita says. Their journey is mostly boring and uneventful, though their vehicle hot-wiring and zombie distractions make Rick and Michonne look completely incompetent.

Meanwhile, Rosita and Sasha's journey starts out just as slow and obnoxious as you could have expected; they leave when the Saviors arrive, Rosita is as unpleasant as ever, and they spend really long time trying to find a auto, which made me worry that the show was going to drag this dead-end storyline out. He didn't reveal Maggie or Daryl's presence but he hinted that there was trouble. Gregory is a slimeball coward who has no business as leader of a bustling community like the Hilltop.

But then logic kicks in, and I realize that Maggie is just as badass as anyone.

Maggie and Daryl: They only had one short scene together but it was a powerful one. It doesn't appear she's being tortured like Daryl was, but Sasha definitely isn't enjoying the royal treatment like Eugene.

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