Windows 10 Creators Update may force updates over metered connections

Windows 10 Creators Update may force updates over metered connections

Windows 10 Creators Update may force updates over metered connections

Microsoft is in the final stages of preparing the Windows 10 Creators Update, and rolling out Insider Builds at an accelerated rate. This move will of course be heralded as brilliant and no one could possibly find this upsetting in the least, especially not in this Reddit thread.

Microsoft has advised that users should upgrade to Windows 10 and also suggests customers make sure their PC can run it, as only a small selection of old computers are able to run the new operating system.

It's a move that looks created to force users of the newer hardware to update to the latest version of Windows, as not doing so will leave their software open to security threats.

Microsoft took those lessons onboard and Windows 7 and all subsequent Microsoft OS releases came with a much smaller system footprint.

This isn't too far away from predictions by Windows Central, which said the update should start rolling out to testers next week, with the official update going out to non-testers from 11 April.

The change in support policies is a major change for Microsoft, which historically has supported Windows for 10 years regardless of hardware. Britain's National Health Service is still using a lot of Windows XP systems, for example, and Microsoft will support these at a cost of $200 per desktop for year one, $400 for year two, and $800 for a third year.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft recommends that users upgrade to Windows 10, although that's likely to involve buying a new laptop.

According to the update, users of the new hardware will see an error message whenever they try to scan or download Windows updates, which reads "your PC uses a processor that isn't supported on this version of Windows". Instead, it was meant to avoid large automatic downloads in order to prevent Windows 10 updates from blowing through a user's bandwidth cap. Systems that aren't on the supported list will lose access to updates for older Windows versions as of July 17, 2018.

Internet Explorer 9 will no longer be supported by the operating system; therefore all users of this may expose their PCs to additional threats.

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