Alec Baldwin defends Kendall Jenner after Pepsi backlash

Instead, Jenner logged on to promote her cover appearance on the 150th anniversary issue of Harper's Bazaar - and her critics were quick to call her out on it.

Kendall Jenner is to return to the spotlight at Coachella following the controversy surrounding her Pepsi advert. It turns out that a lot of people actually liked Kendall's video, although that doesn't mean they warmed to Kendall Jenner. Do you think she'll talk about the ad at Coachella?

"I don't know why I'm so nervous", Kendall revealed in the clip.

On Thursday, the Saturday Night Live actor, who has known Jenner since she was a child, defended the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and professional model and her involvement in the ad in a series of three consecutive tweets. A source told TMZ that she is said to be "devastated" about the whole event.

"No @pepsi. No @KendallJenner". In the spot, Jenner joins and promptly ends a protest by handing a handsome police officer a Pepsi.

But Jenner is about to make a big splash of a reappearance and she'll have little sister Kylie Jenner at her side for support.

But this weekend, Kendall is set to host a party for the Bumble dating app in Rancho Mirage, with the company creating its very own winter wonderland with real ice and snow in the Colorado Desert.

The Coachella party was scheduled way before Kendall's infamous Pepsi ad went viral, and not in a good way. But the 21-year-old's professional responsibilities don't stop there as she's also slated to guest DJ at an event for 1OAK. The party organizers were "extremely concerned" that Kendall would back out given the backlash, but she has promised that she will be at both events.

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