April the giraffe is in active labor

The hooves of the baby giraffe can be seen sticking out as April starts to give birth

The hooves of the baby giraffe can be seen sticking out as April starts to give birth

April was elsewhere when she gave birth to her first three calves, and this one will be the Harpursville zoo's first giraffe calf.

Zoo keepers Alyssa, Corey, and Joel, plus the park's owner, Jordan, gave regular updates on the goings-on at the park and in the giraffes' stalls.

It's been more than a month since the park shared the news of April's impending birth with the world, via social media.

April the giraffe shot to notoriety in February when her live stream went viral after Youtube briefly removed the post because of protests from animal rights activists.

Why was April's mate, Oliver, kept separate from April? .

At birth, the calf is expected to weigh about 150 pounds and around 6 feet in height. April even has her own clothing line and website!

April was pacing in the barn as the hooves of the new calf appeared.

A word of fair warning: giraffes can be in labor anywhere from hours to a full day.

The live stream for April the giraffe is up 24/7 and those interested can tune in on the future mother from time to time.

He began nursing not long after.

Now that April is on the verge of giving us all what we've been waiting for, we can surely look forward to the park's morning and evening Facebook updates including an overload of cuteness from a sweet baby giraffe calf. April is 15 years old. Once her calf is born and she is done nursing it, he or she will move on to another facility as it's rare to keep family members together due to concerns about incest. The calf's father, Oliver, who watched the birth from an adjacent pen, is a first-time father at the age of 5. Pretty much all of her clinical signs from a couple days ago are still true. In natural habitats, a giraffe's life span is about 15 years.

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