California State Assembly Passes Resolution Commemorating Legacy of Jackie Robinson

I suspect my dad, as I had with my daughter, tried to explain to me the significance of Robinson - how he had not only broken baseball's color barrier, but in his brief remarks that day, he implored Major League Baseball to do more by hiring its first black manager.

April 15, 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Jackie's historic debut in the major leagues.

There is no reason to wonder why Major League Baseball celebrates "Jackie Robinson Day" every April 15.

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson, 28, broke the color barrier and ushered in an era when African-Americans could lawfully compete with whites as teammates and equals.

Robinson's wife Rachel and children Sharon and David were in attendance along with a host of Dodgers legends.

"My dad was a humble person", Sharon said. "I have a Jackie Robison wall at my house, in my weight room, there's Jackie on his wall, along with me, so, it's just that I'm not that overly happy about it because I think we should do this every day instead of just one day a year".

Cadet worked closely with Robinson's family as he prepared the homage and consulted with Rachel Robinson in order to find the ideal image. Robinson went 0-for-3 in his debut, won 5-3 by the Dodgers.

This week's retrograde is dedicated to Jackie Robinson as well as Larry Doby and others (including Pee Wee Reese) who paved the way for equity in baseball. In fact, Robinson stole home to help the Dodgers secure the win in the first game of the 1955 World Series.

"Jackie had made us interested in baseball".

Jackie Robinson was a father, a husband, a baseball player, a civil rights leader and a role model.

That style never left Robinson for a day in his career and, more importantly, it was also the way he lived his life. There was no way that any combination of Jim Crow antics or attitudes could deny him entrance to baseball's Holy of Holies. I get to wear a pair of custom Jackie Robinson cleats by New Balance.

Rachel Robinson and the Boys of Summer will not be around forever to share those stories, but they will be told and retold at the Jackie Robinson Museum in NY, with groundbreaking ceremonies set this year. It was that World Series that would give Jackie and the Dodgers their first world championship. In fact, Robinson has been rewritten as an apolitical hero we can all rally around (ignoring more complicated aspects of his ideology), so praising him is the opposite of a radical position.

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