Carmelo And La La Anthony Have Separated

Amid rumours of split between Carmelo and La La Anthony, a TMZ reports claims that a mystery woman might be responsible for the National Basketball Association star's marriage troubles.

TMZ reports that the two are now living separately, with La La moving out of their NYC home and into her own place last week.

La La and Carmelo "have been fighting for about a year", a source close to the couple told the New York Daily News. With rumors swirling about Carmelo's time ending with the Knicks, could separating from La La push Anthony out of NY for good?

Another powerful relationship has gown down the drain, and this time it is singer and TV personality La La Anthony who reportedly has separated from her basketballer husband, Carmelo Anthony. The woman is reportedly claiming to be nearly seven months pregnant with the National Basketball Association superstar's child, and is requesting that Carmelo pay for her medical expenses and other costs.

Looks like Anthony's time in NY is just about over. The unidentified woman is reportedly requesting that Carmelo pay for her medical expenses and take care of additional costs for the baby. The demanding fanbase, along with team president Phil Jackson, have grown impatient with Anthony, despite his star power and past accomplishments.

The New York Knicks have been a disaster despite having Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose on the roster, and now, they might have to resort to trading away one of their best players.

In a similar post, E. said: "Your [sic] a disgrace to women everywhere".

"They've been friends for a very long time".

He's in line for a real divorce, not just as a professional one.

Last year she told Access Hollywood: 'If anyone says in 10 years you don't go through ups and downs, they're lying to you.

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