Clever cot simulates auto journeys so baby can sleep soundly

Ford Max Motor Dreams Crib

Clever cot simulates auto journeys so baby can sleep soundly

The Max Motor Dreams was created to serve as part of a Ford of Spain ad campaign.

Ford has developed a cot that could simulate - in the comfort of your own home - the motion, engine noise, and even the street lighting of those night-time drives. However, due to the overwhelming interest, Ford is considering a full-scale production. "But while a quick drive in the family auto can work wonders in getting baby off to sleep, the poor old parents still have to be awake and alert at the wheel", said Alejandro López Bravo, the cot's designer to Roadshow. Ford explained how they borrowed the same technology from a vehicle. One possible solution to the situation, as odd as it may sound, is a vehicle ride. Yes, it is a smart baby crib.

What you're seeing here is a baby crib designed and built by Ford. Naturally, it gently vibrates and rocks to mimic a ride in the backseat, and even comes with an app created to track your car's route so it can reproduce the movements from that drive for your baby. Therefore, Ford came up with an idea which might save you a lot of time.

Ford says that it has no plans at the moment to produce and sell the crib, indicating that it's likely just a design concept. The base of the crib slowly rocks from side to side, simulating the sensation of a moving auto. The Max Motor Dreams looks just like a regular cot, but comes to life using a smartphone app. Users can also record and play back the comforting movement, lights and sounds of a particular trip.

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