Connelly endorsed by Freedom Caucus chairman in SC race

Connelly endorsed by Freedom Caucus chairman in SC race

Connelly endorsed by Freedom Caucus chairman in SC race

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer promised Tuesday that negotiators are still working behind the scenes to bring together the centrist and far-right wings of the House Republicans to approve a health care bill.

Meadows told USA Today he planned to deliver a plan that kept language requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions.

President Donald Trump may be angry at the conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus for its role in thwarting his plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but that doesn't mean the Republicans' constituents feel the same way. But we can be sure that whatever happens, it's going to be close.

Conservative groups are frustrated by the resistance among more moderate members to repealing community rating and other ObamaCare protections, saying lawmakers are going back on their word to repeal the health law.

Since then, Meadows has been in frequent contact with his fellow Republicans, GOP leaders, and Vice President Mike Pence in hopes of brokering a deal that repeals some of Obamacare's insurance regulations-which conservatives say drove up the cost of premiums-but also protects sick patients.

In March, House leadership and the White House failed to strike a deal with the House Freedom Caucus on repealing Obamacare, and the legislation died.

"I want to make sure there is no denial of coverage based upon a pre-existing condition", he said.

Besides health care, Meadows has something else on his plate: The Freedom Caucus is getting ready for the complicated issue of tax reform.

But the Club for Growth is one of a few groups looking to put pressure on those moderate Republicans just in time for Congress's Easter Recess.

The Republican establishment attacks on Rep. Scott Perry and the other members of the Freedom Caucus for failing to support the American Healthcare Act has caused much dismay and disappointment among us Republicans who still believe in liberty. We clearly are getting closer, more votes are moving in our direction and these ideas are very helpful as we are getting closer.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said before recess it was possible the lower chamber could be called back into session to vote on the bill if they strike a deal.

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