Filipinos re-enact Christ's crucifixion in gory spectacle

Students at St. Aloysius reenacted the Stations of the Cross Wednesday afternoon before Easter break. In the second station Jesus is forced to carry his cross

Filipinos re-enact Christ's crucifixion in gory spectacle

He stood in front of the sanctuary of his church, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church in Douglass Township, describing one of the 14 Stations of the Cross, a devotion commemorating Jesus Christ's crucifixion, as part of a special service for children.

Pastor Chip Steffy of the Rockford United Methodist Church tried something different this year in an attempt to bring a faith-changing experience on Good Friday. Masses celebrated in churches across mainly Catholic Philippines to commemorate Palm Sunday - which marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week ahead of Easter.

More than 100 people from 15 churches will walk the streets of Jersey City and stop at 14 sites where people were killed or injured by gun violence.

We took photos of the Stations at St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church and at Trinity Episcopal Church.

For many Latino Catholics, Good Friday is a bigger focus than Easter, he said.

We caught up with members from CrossPoint Community Church who were carrying a cross for almost 7 miles this morning.

"We didn't want anyone to feel left out", he said.

Sherry West and Cindy Spainhour, two of the walk organizers, said it was hard to keep track of how many made the walk and how many stayed behind at St. Francis Xavier for the entire event. More than 150 church members and others followed the procession.

"I think it presents the message of the Gospel", Long said.

The stations began with Pilate condemning Jesus to death and ended with Jesus' body being placed in the tomb. Arquimedes Vallejo and Bishop David J. Malloy of the Rockford Diocese gave opening prayers and remarks in Spanish and English.

"The God I know tells me that when members of the family go together in love and grow together in compassion and bond together, God becomes happy", he said.

"Good Friday is one step towards Easter Sunday". "It's a handsome way of looking at Good Friday, because God is good to us".

"This reminds us how to live as Christians", said St. James priest Marnie Keator.

"When Jesus spoke about parables he spoke in terms of shepherds herding their flocks, of farmers reaping what they sow and of fishers casting their net wide", he said.

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