Harry Styles performs first solo single on his 'SNL' debut

The pre-ordering of the album started from April 14, 2017 and on April 15, Harry Style has performed his album on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" episode.

One Direction star Harry Styles poked fun at his new solo career as he impersonated the Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger on the TV show "Saturday Night Live". Styles also was seen in the majority of the skits last Saturday and was especially remembered for his performance as Mick Jagger in, 'Family Fued: Time Travel Edition'.

Jimmy Fallon took the hall of 30 Rock for a sing-along opening monologue complete with a cameo of musical guest Harry Styles.

Check it out now.

It was always a given that with Jimmy Fallon hosting Saturday Night Live, at least one sketch would be an excuse for celebrity impersonations.

Last week, Harry also revealed the cover, tracklist and release date for his upcoming album, which is his first solo project since splitting up with One Direction.

In between his frenetic dance moves, Styles managed a hilarious zinger aimed at himself after Kenan Thompson's Steve Harvey told "Jagger" how much he loved his solo material.

During the skit, when asked about Mick's solo music, Harry - as Mick - replied: 'Solo, why would anyone in a successful band go solo?

We are also one hundred percent on board with the game's number-one answer to the query of things that keep you up at night. "A little hanky panky". Having already addressed the controversy not once, but twice, this weekend's SNL avoided mention of the PR nightmare altogether, even when Fallon appeared as Jared Kushner opposite Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump in the cold open. Typically, the show airs on a delay for west coast markets that are still in primetime hours when the late night schedule hits out East.

It was the first time in SNL's history that the show was broadcast simultaneously across all time zones in America.

"I don't know actually!" Below, are Harry Style's performances to give you a taste of what you missed.

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