InfoWars Fans Devastated - Alex Jones Attorney Says Show is "Performance Art"

Alex Jones on the set of his show “Infowars.”

Alex Jones on the set of his show “Infowars.”

Well, his lawyer is now arguing in court that Jones is simply "playing a character" just like "a performance artist".

"He broadcasts from home", Kelly Jones said, via the American Statesman.

Alex Jones is, depending on who you ask, the media's barrel-chested voice of reason in a world gone mad or a ranting, beet-faced lunatic whose calling card involves legitimizing outlandish conspiracy theories by screaming them as loudly as possible on his radio show, Infowars.

The year before the election, Donald Trump appeared on Jones' show.

He also pushed the "Pizzagate" conspiracy that maintained Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonAlex Jones 'playing a character, ' says lawyer Democrats welcome Bernie takeover Clinton campaign hands over 10 million contacts to DNC: report MORE and chief campaign strategist John Podesta were operating a child sex trafficking ring run out of a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.

Jones is fighting his ex-wife, Kelly, for custody of their three children, age 9, 12, and 14.

An unabashed supporter of Trump, Jones recently criticized the candidate for ordering a missile strike on a Syrian government airfield, claiming that the chemical weapons attack launching by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that preceded it was a "false-flag" committed by his opposition.

"You reputation is fantastic", Trump he said in December 2015.

Kelly Jones countered in her own testimony, "He is not a stable person".

Indeed, anyone who has ever watched even a small segment of Jones' vitriol would believe it is wholly unsuitable for children, and the thousands who faithfully follow his rants and buy his odd enhancement supplements would likely be incredibly devastated to learn that what they view as "news" is really "entertainment".

Jones went on a rant last month against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff after Schiff accused him of colluding with the Russians. He called Schiff an "archetypal cocksucker" and a "fairy", and said, "I'll beat your goddamn ass, you son of a bitch". Jones is now battling his ex-wife in court over custody of their children.

For Naranjo, who has been the presiding judge of the 419th District Court since January 2006, it is about keeping her eyes, and the jury's eyes, on the children. "I say every day we're going to destroy you with the truth".

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