IPhone 6 Plus: Apple To Finally Repair Screen Glitches

The iPhone 8, (what could also be called the iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition, ) is rumored to come with a an OLED screen display, a 3D-sensing camera and could do away with the home button. The presence of the issue had been known for a considerable length of time, but Apple had declined to acknowledge the issue or offer any arrangement past its standard out-of-guarantee substitution benefit that comes with the warranty that comes with a brand new iPhone 6 Plus. A new research note now says that one of the key iPhone 8 features that won't be seen on any of the phone's biggest rivals may actually be the reason Apple and its partners are having so much trouble setting up production.

While everything it nice and good on the side of the Apple iPhone 6s, the same can not be said about the Apple iPhone 6 users.

Their contact believes that the soon to be released "iPhone 8" will be delayed for a few weeks because of the challenges evolving the 3D sensing technology; however, it will be on time for the holidays in December. Essentially Wong said that Apple may not be the first company to implement 3D sensing capabilities as it is likely to be pipped by Chinese companies like Huawei, OPPO and Vivo, BGR.com reports. The new iPhone is expected to introduce a number of advanced facial recognition features, including 3D selfies in its 3D camera.

Initially, iPhone 8 is expected to hit the market in September.

CNBC also reported that the delay may take until October or November before shipping.

A recent report from Nikkei has claimed Apple placed an order of as many as 70 million OLED panels with Samsung Display. 850 Dollars converts to Rs 55,100 which is pretty similar to what Samsung Galaxy S8 will retail in the United States.

The first option, which he admits is unlikely is to ditch Touch ID and rely exclusively on facial recognition. According to the report, the Apple iPhone 6s has a failure rate of 62%.

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