'It's So Phony!' - Bernie Sanders Refused to Say 'I'm With Her'

Upon hearing this, Clinton replied that attacking Trump wasn't her "job anymore".

Around 7:45 on election night, when Hillary Clinton and her aides still thought they were headed to the White House, troubling news emerged from Florida.

According to the authors, if Clinton carried the blame on her own shoulders that night, it didn't take long, in the aftermath of her loss, for her to unload it on those around her - including Obama.

'She had let him down.

"Mr President", Clinton said softly.

"This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for, and I'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country", Clinton said, Yahoo News reports.

"He couldn't understand what possessed Hillary to set up the private e-mail server, and her handling of the scandal - obfuscate, deny, and evade - amounted to political malpractice", Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen reported in 'Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign'.

According to the book, after the results for the key swing states were announced, Obama argued that there was no point "prolonging the inevitable" by calling for recounts.

"Mr. President", she reportedly said on the phone election night. "Hillary distributed power so broadly that none of her aides or advisers had control of the whole apparatus", the book claims. The book also describes how Clinton couldn't untangle herself from her past as a controversial insider politician, and she couldn't up with an effective platform to counter Donald Trump. And then the first woman who was going to be president got her opponent on the line and said two words she never expected to say: "Congratulations, Donald".

"Now, though, with the President placing a consolation call, the reality and dimensions of her defeat hit her all at once".

He did not end up declaring that he was "with her" in the ad, and the Clinton campaign ended up ditching it completely over doubts that the senator actually supported the Democratic Party nominee. "And she had let her country down", the book continued.

The calls from President Obama started after Wisconsin was called for Donald Trump.

According to Bill, the vote by the British was a sort of "harbinger", and it helped to inspire Trump's victory. They were proposing Clinton do a series of interviews with television "beat reporters", the journalists who covered Clinton's every move on the campaign trail, beginning with me.

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