Jason Chaffetz may not finish final term in Congress

Jason Chaffetz may not finish final term in Congress

Jason Chaffetz may not finish final term in Congress

"I am healthy. I am confident I would continue to be re-elected by large margins", Chaffetz also revealed when explaining why he will soon be leaving the House of Representatives.

Chaffetz has drawn criticism from many on both sides of the aisle while he has served as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, based on his handling of investigations into both Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump. Chaffetz repeatedly said, "hold on", and "give me a second", as audience members in a Salt Lake City suburb reacted negatively to almost all of his statements and implored him to "do your job" and investigate Trump.

That included people like Republican House Speaker Greg Hughes who expressed what became a similar refrain among lawmakers.

Dr. Kathryn Allen, a Democrat and first-time candidate, harnessed the anger over Chaffetz's iPhone comments and raised more than half a million dollars.

The intel source comes by way of political pundit Louise Mensch, whose inside sources have a history of being correct about FISA warrants and other matters. But Chaffetz said the idea that Trump may be profiting from his office is "ridiculous". Chaffetz has refused to investigate Trump's conflicts of interest or Russian ties, and when Walter Schaub, the head of the Office of Government Ethics, criticized Trump for refusing to address his conflicts, Chaffetz sent Schaub a letter threatening to investigate him, instead.

By announcing now, I hope to give prospective candidates time to lay the groundwork for a successful run. "But it's not required by law".

"I've said in the past that I have been interested in that position, and we'll see". More than a week before his announcement, Friends of Jason Chaffetz registered two domain names: Jason2028.com and JasonChaffetz2028.com. While someone like Jason Chaffetz has no worries about losing his own seat, the idea of being in the powerless House minority has to hold zero appeal to him.

"That is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong". And Chaffetz has always, reportedly, had an eye on higher office, likely replacing Orrin Hatch in the Senate. Utah Republican candidates are chosen by state delegates, not through a traditional primary vote.

Another top contender could be Republican Rep. Deidre Henderson of Spanish Fork, who was also on the trip.

Chaffetz is at least the seventh House Republican to resign this year or announce plans to retire, including four who left to join Trump's Cabinet. He previously served as Chief of Staff to then-Governor Jon Huntsman. The Utah lawmaker earned a bachelor's degree in communications from Brigham Young University and played football at the school.

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