Katy Perry faces wrath as she posts picture of Goddess Kali

Katy Perry faces wrath as she posts picture of Goddess Kali

Katy Perry faces wrath as she posts picture of Goddess Kali

What Katy Perry thought was just another innocent Instagram picture completely blew up in her face.

Katy Perry is feeling the heat after sharing a picture of the Hindu goddess Kali Ma to her Instagram account on Wednesday. Not before long, the singer's followers began to criticize the singer for making light of a religion for the objective of social media fodder. Hence she posted it to depict that she is in the mood to defy everything. "Pls stop over reacting on her post.instead see what other bastards (non Indians) r writing ewww, satanic n all". You can have any kind of mood what you want but you must respect other religion also!'

They wrote: "Don't use our gods" images to describe your mood. It is not some random image there is huge history behind that image.

There were a host of hateful and abusive comments following the post claiming that Katy Perry's post was disrespectful to the Goddess.

As a result, the post has received over 12,000 comments varying in tone, majority claiming the singer's image disrespects Indian culture. After explaining that the goddess was in pain having disrespected Shiva, the user added, "So how should I put in words that you understand the real meaning behind this picture".

"F**k you Perry why are you insulting my religion", another user wrote. I m Hindu, Bengali specifically.

"Well im an indian and Hindu also.this is not offensive at all.some people get offended so easily", a use wrote. She could have meant that she's in no mood for bullshit, or in the mood to destroy all evil from the world or in the mood to feel as powerful as a goddess.

Some of the comments read, "Listen up Kitty Katty.Let me ask you a Question".

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