Man Arrested For Stealing Over 100 Phones At Coachella

A New York City man was arrested at the Coachella Music Festival after he was found possessing over 100 stolen phones in his backpack.

The Coachella festival started last weekend in Indio, California. Police then followed Henao though the venue and detained him.

According to KTLA, Reinaldo De Jesus Henao was arrested on Friday (April 14) by Indio police on charges of grand theft and possession of stolen property.

Several of the victims noticed their devices were missing and used the Find My Phone feature to trace them to Reinaldo De Jesus Henao. Fortunately, Apple's Find My iPhone feature saved the day by helping locate the pilfered phones, allegedly nabbed by Reinaldo De Jesus Henao of NY.

The phones were retrieved thanks to tracking services offered on cell phones like Apple's "Find My iPhone".

The stolen phones showed up as still being in the area, and owners were able to pinpoint their exact location, which was given to security personnel on site.

He is now facing grand theft and receiving stolen property charges. The man has since posted $10,000 bail and has been released.

In light of the alleged mass phone theft, local police have reminded Coachella attendees to take extra precautions when it comes to securing their personal belongings.

Whether Henao traveled to the festival with the sole intention of stealing the phones is unclear, though going on stealing spree doesn't seem like something you'd do on an impulse.

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