McCain: Russia cooperated with Syria in chemical attack

US Senator John Mc Cain met on Monday with Serbian president-elect and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic

US Senator John Mc Cain met on Monday with Serbian president-elect and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic

Germany's foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Wednesday that Balkan countries must implement reforms and work to overcome age-old divisions if they want to join the European Union.

Vucic also told the Chinese delegation - led by Zhang Chunxian, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party's Central Committee- that Serbia and China enjoy fruitful cooperation in all fields, and noted that both China's president and prime minister have visited Serbia over the past three years. Gabriel is on a two-day official visit in Serbia. Albania was one of the first countries willing to recognize Kosovo's independence, of which about 114 worldwide now do.

He said it was good that daily protests by thousands of people after Vucic's election on April 2 had been allowed to proceed without government intervention.

Gabriel also said he would voice "support for democratic development and rule of law" in all countries of the region.

Germany has always been fully supportive of stability across the Western Balkans, while Serbia has managed to maintain peace and stability "even in hard times, with support provided to our country by the German government", Vucic told reporters, Tanjug reported.

Meanwhile, Serbians took to the streets again in Belgrade and other cities, blowing whistles and carrying banners that urged an end to Vucic's alleged "dictatorship".

Vucic has dismissed the allegations.

Counterterrorism cooperation of Serbia and United States can prove to be of vital importance, U.S. Senator John McCain said at a joint press conference with Serbia's incumbent prime minister and president-elect Aleksandar Vucic on Monday. In Moscow, we say Serbia is on the European path, and in Washington and Brussels we say we want good relations with Russian Federation...

"If you want to get into the European Union, you must know that demonstrations and protests against democratically-elected governments and president are possible, permitted and within the European Union, quite common", he said.

But he has faced mounting accusations at home of imposing an authoritarian rule by curbing dissent and freedom of speech, while also boosting ties with Serbia's traditional ally Russian Federation.

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