Microsoft Schedules Windows 10 Cloud Event for May 2nd

Microsoft Announces a May Windows 10/Hardware Event

Microsoft Announces a Windows 10/Hardware Event for Early May

Microsoft on Wednesday announced it will be hosting a media event in New York City early next month. After weeks of rumors over Microsoft's plans, the software maker started emailing out press invites today.

Rumors still claim that a new Surface tablet would be unveiled at the event, but there is no clear indication if it will be the Surface Pro 5. We can look to that for a few clues as to what Microsoft might have planned. That event was billed as a Windows 10 event, and it did introduce the Creators Update to the world. Given the existing popularity of Chromebooks in the classroom already, a release of Windows 10 Cloud aimed at education would make sense.

"Using your existing licenses, you can save up to 40 percent or more on Windows Server virtual machines in Azure, depending on usage, instance type, and location". Windows 10 Cloud which is specially designed for the education goal and by targeting students. Are you excited for the Windows Cloud? Microsoft is able to do this by only allowing it to run Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps which can only be downloaded from the Windows Store, according to BGR. This event seems likely to serve as a continuation of that news, as Microsoft works to leverage its own offerings to provide an all-in-one education system that can compete head-to-head with Google's increasingly popular offering.

The event comes just a week before Microsoft's Build developer conference in Seattle. In fact, Windows Cloud can be explained better as a continuation of Windows RT. The report also noted a new phone was unlikely. But now, it's possible that Microsoft's new clamshell laptop might be designed for the new Windows Cloud operating system. However, the device is expected to come with Intel's Kaby Lake processors.

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