Nintendo will share new details on two upcoming Switch games this week

The main focus this week will be on Arms and Splatoon 2, which are original releases, and set to head to the Switch in Spring.

The question then arises - what does the Nintendo 3DS have to do with this presentation given that both games are on the Switch?

Nintendo announced today on Twitter that a new Nintendo Direct is happening. The presentation will air in all three regions, which means we could see a new game or two revealed, as well! For starters, I hope there are more than the five characters I saw when testing out the game back in January at the Nintendo Switch event. The two new exclusive that the Nintendo is about to unveil are Splatoon 2 and ARMS. The interesting thing about the game was that its stylish squid shooter was conveniently similar to the first one.

For the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is coming on April 28, while plenty of other Nindie and third-party titles are releasing soon. Especially as the Nintendo Switch has already been hacked and that only required the use of an existing iOS exploit that had just been repurposed for the new gaming system.

For more information on the reporting process and details on exactly what kinds of exploits Nintendo is interested in, take a look at the company's HackerOne bug bounty campaign. Splatoon and ARMS are both titles Nintendo users are looking forward too, especially as everyone has started to finish up Zelda.

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