Streak of light seen across Southern California sky

Meteor falls

Meteor falls

Social media exploded Monday night after a bright flash crossed sky around 9 p.m.

This week is expected to be the worst in April for viewing meteor activity because the bright moon will obscure all but the brightest meteors, according to the American Meteor Society. The video of her reaction, first shared by viewer Faye Heddings on Twitter, was retweeted by more than 120 people.

Perhaps the best view was captured by a woman, Dale Demi, who was broadcasting live on the service YouNow when the meteor streaked behind her.

"The only thing I thought was it was coming directing at me, haha I didn't know what I thought it was".

She wasn't the only person to see the flash of light. Videos of the event show a bright green streak that flares up three or four separate times before fading into the darkness.

"We don't know exactly what it was".

Meteors are small pieces of dust, rock and ice that slam into Earth's atmosphere.

French said the fireball was a little larger than a gumball. "It was shocking but wonderful that it was the right place at the right time to capture this".

"Whatever it was I'm just glad it didn't come to my house", said Ruetz.

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