Teacher, 2 students shot at San Bernardino school

Shots were fired at North Park Elementary School around 11 a.m. Police officials from San Bernardino Police Department said that three people, including a teacher, were wounded and being treated, and that the threat had been contained.

Two other people were transported to the hospital, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.

Two adults are dead after a school shooting at a San Bernardino, California, elementary school, according to police.

He also said there are two "possible students" hospitalized with conditions unknown.

Frantic parents ran up a sidewalk looking for information about their children but were not able to learn immediately what happened at the school.

Pakistani-born Malik - who met her future US-born husband on a Muslim dating website and married him in Saudi Arabia - had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group on Facebook and was instrumental in radicalizing him.

"The children, we do not believe were targeted". It is not yet known how the shooter got into the school.

"We were panicked when we first heard", she said.

"[It was] well into the school day".

Sherwin said numerous firefighters and police officers are headed to the scene.

The school is about 16 kilometres from the site of a terror attack in 2015.

The victims included a teacher and two students, police and school officials said. All of the 520 other children in the school were immediately evacuated afterwards. The majority of our principals have participated in lockdown training ... A helicopter landed on campus to treat victims, Garcia said.

"I just wish I could talk to them to make sure they're OK because they don't know what this is all about", one parent said as she passed reporters.

Former San Bernardino City Unified school board member Judi Penman said the school's police department "is very well prepared" for situations such as the shooting Monday at North Park Elementary.

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