Texas bill allowing unlicensed carry of guns clear committee

Lawmakers heard from 25 people who testified on medical marijuana before a House committee Tuesday.

The bill defines "impeding the flow of traffic" as a situation when "the person knows or reasonably should know that he or she is being overtaken from the rear by a vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed".

April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, and the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) is encouraging people across the state to look for ways to help children affected by abuse and neglect.

"The residents and businesses of Dallas believe discrimination in all forms have no home in our community", Dallas City Council member Lee Kleinman said, speaking on behalf of the city. "Why it's not being enforced, I can't tell you".

Some legislators agreed with them.

Bakk said Dayton has an advantage this year, in that most of the surplus is in his tax bill.

One of the biggest issues that was addressed was the exclusion of smokable marijuana for non-terminal patients from the bill. Law enforcement and others against smokable pot argue the amendment didn't specifically call for lighting up a joint. "They are going to bring up the boogey man of oh we need to have income tax cuts, oh we need to have sales tax cuts, oh we need to restructure state government".

Those for smoking say no other medicine is so tightly regulated.

Like the House version, the Senate bill-SC Constitutional Carry Act of 2017-allows those who are legally permitted to own, carry or purchase a firearm to do so without having to obtain a permit.

Advocates have expressed concern that the House proposal doesn't honor the spirit of the amendment, and point to restrictions - like the 90-day waiting period and smoking prohibition - as examples to back up their claims.

"I think the state 'ought to step up and say we've vetted every avenue to make sure that when citizens get in these vehicles they're with a driver they can trust".

"I'm looking forward to debating the bill and if the bill as it currently exists is simply a 75% gas tax increase and dumping it into the same politically corrupt system that we now have that spends that money", says Senator Davis.

The House Education Committee on Wednesday is scheduled to work on two Senate-passed education bills that have attracted a lot of attention.

"Our politics in Florida, here, are being watched by the rest of the country, and we can do it right the first time and not have to worry about lawsuits and so on, so we hope that it doesn't go there", said Erik Range of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana. Bakk said the official end date of the session provides leverage for negotiations between the House and Senate and Democrats and Republicans.

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