Three killed in Fresno, California shooting spree

Fresno shooting Rampage started with slaying last week police say

Fresno Police Department via CNN

"We know that he has some posts that says that he does not like white people", Dyer said.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer called the acts unprovoked and "solely based on race". "He said he did not like white men and said white people were responsible for keeping black people down", Dyer said.

Muhammad told police that after the Motel 6 shooting, he climbed to the roof of a nearby 7-11 store and hid there overnight, watching as detectives investigated the shooting scene.

Muhammad "is not a terrorist but he is a racist", Dyer said.

His father, Vincent Taylor, told the Los Angeles Times that Muhammad claimed he was part of a race war and "a battle was about to take place".

I'd never seen Kori crying before, well not since he's been grown.

"When he spoke about the shootings, he did so in a very callous manner", Dyer said.

Dryer added that one of the shooting victims was driven to police in a truck belonging to Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Zackary David Randalls, 34, of Clovis, was in a training program with PG&E when he was shot in the passenger seat of the truck and later died at a hospital.

During interviews with police, Muhammad gave an eerily detailed description of his alleged actions during the Fresno rampage.

David Jackson, 58, of Fresno, was gunned down in the parking lot of the charity's building.

Authorities spotted Muhammad running and took him into custody.

Two others also were shot and killed.

The victims in Tuesday's attack were not immediately identified.

Police reveal the suspect, Kori Ali Muhammad, was also wanted in connection of a fatal shooting of an unarmed security guard at a Motel 6 in Fresno, California.

Despite all this, police in Fresno say they are still searching for Muhammed's motive in carrying out Tuesday's attacks.

Dyer also shared a timeline of events that began last Thursday night, when Muhammad allegedly shot a security guard. But Dyer said the incident has "nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made".

Glenestene Taylor, 81, of Fresno said Muhammad, her grandson, visited her Sunday and was crying when he left. He was crying, but she believed he was simply going out of town.

"At first I thought OK, it's a real bad dream", she said. "I keep telling Kori, stop saying white people. I'll protect you. Don't you worry about it.' He really didn't want to go but he was going".

"This individual does not represent our faith or our community", Imam Seyed Ali Ghazvini of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno told the Fresno Bee.

The rambling profile includes militant and apocalyptic language and repeated demands to "let black people go". Police indicated that 16 rounds were fired during the shooting spree.


But he said he doesn't think Muhammad is a terrorist driven by religious extremism.

When he ran out of bullets, Dyer said, Muhammad wrapped the gun in clothes and put it down. "Also on that post, he has expressed some anti-government sentiments".

A resident in the neighborhood encountered the shooter. "On one music video titled "U Gone Need Me: Tru Story Kori" in which he discusses racism and the "liberation of his people", he says: "... on a mission for the liberation of my people. "If he didn't like what they did, he didn't like what they did no matter the color".

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