Turkey's Referendum Marks 'Clean Break' With EU Membership Bid

Turkey's Referendum Marks 'Clean Break' With EU Membership Bid

Turkey's Referendum Marks 'Clean Break' With EU Membership Bid

Donald Trump congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday for winning a referendum that grants him vast new powers as worldwide observers raise concerns about voting irregularities and electoral fraud.

Responding to the results, Erdogan said Turkey had made a historic decision in backing an executive presidential system, adding that the "Yes" camp had secured 25 million referendum votes, 1.3 million ahead of "No".

Unofficial results, which the opposition said it would challenge, showed a narrow victory for him with 51.4 per cent of votes cast in favour.

European electoral observers have criticised the referendum as not being held on an even playing field or in a genuinely democratic way.

Melania reminds President Trump to raise hand for national anthem The First Lady will be moving to the White House this summer, and - if this video is anything to go by - her presence will be a huge help to her husband. "This is why the only decision that will end debate about the legitimacy (of the vote) and ease the people's legal concerns is the annulment of this election", deputy party chairman Bulent Tezcan said.

"Poland acknowledges the results of Turkey's referendum on 16 April 2017 and awaits their official confirmation", the ministry said in a statement. Revisiting a key theme of the campaign trail, he again touted the possibility of re-instituting the death penalty, which Turkey abolished in 2004 to meet a condition for European Union membership.

Turkey's prime minister on Tuesday called on the opposition to respect the result of a referendum that will give sweeping new powers to the office of the president, but the main opposition party formally requested the vote be annulled.

The opposition has been particularly incensed by a last-minute move from the YSK to accept ballot documents in envelopes without an official stamp. "No" campaigners in the region said its observers were prevented from monitoring many ballot stations. Turkey's main opposition party urged the country's electoral board Monday. The OSCE also said its monitors faced restrictions.

Last year, Obama said there were trends in Turkey that he was "troubled with", including a fierce crackdown on the press. "The system represents a change, a transformation in the democratic history of Turkey", he said.

Trump called the Turkish leader on Monday shortly after global monitors delivered a harsh verdict on the referendum on constitutional changes.

"The German federal government expects the Turkish government to seek respectful dialogue with all political and societal powers in the nation after a tough referendum campaign", the statement from Merkel and German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel read. Under the changes, most of which will only come into effect after the next elections, due in 2019, the president will appoint the cabinet and an undefined number of vice-presidents, and will be able to select and remove senior civil servants without parliamentary approval.

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