Uber banned in Italy

But unsurprisingly, Uber isn't going away without a fight. Indeed, it seems that we can't even go a full week without hearing about a new lawsuit or scandal involving the famed ride-sharing company.

Uber certainly has a lot on its plate right now, and it was just dealt another blow from a judge in Rome.

Thus, the court in Rome has pronounced that Uber is now banned from using its Black, Lux, Suv, X, XL, Select, and Van phone applications in Italy.

Since Uber's inception in Italy, the company has faced resistance from taxi unions, which have called the company's operations a "savage liberalization" of the sector.

Although the ruling is subject to appeal, the immediate result for the time being is a 10-day timeframe for Uber to pack up and leave the country.

Uber has a substantial valuation of $70 billion that might make the fine seem like nothing, but the company has actually been bleeding profits previous year and it's also facing a number of scandals right now that put it in a rather sensitive state.

An Italian court blocked all Uber services from operating across the country in a ruling handed down on Friday, claiming the Silicon Valley ride-hailing giant serves as unfair competition to Italy's major taxi organizations after those groups brought suit against the multi-billion-dollar tech company.

The company said in a statement, expressing their shock and disappointment at the ruling.

Uber said the Italian authorities are "anchored in the past", local newspapers reported, citing "privileged profits" as one of the reasons Uber wasn't being allowed to operate.

If Uber does not comply it could face a fine of 10,000 euros ($10,600) for each day it remains in defiance of the court.

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