'Community Conversation' about mental health, addiction set for Thursday

In-keeping with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, the world's biggest YouTuber has shared an earnest and personal message with his viewers, urging them to be open and honest about their mental health. If you're concerned about your mental health, don't hesitate to seek advice. People like Piers, especially those who are in the public eye, are narrow-minded and quite frankly a disgrace to themselves and an insult to anyone who lives with mental health or cares for those living with mental health. It also recognises that mental health issues that affect employees are not exclusively created by work issues but can be personal issues that lead to a lower performance at work.

"With this in mind, HR strategists should look at ways to foster a culture of openness which actively encourages staff to share their needs on an ongoing basis so that they can be fully supported". Our children's generation can become the first to have universal access to treatment for mental health conditions.

A new set of safeguards for people with mental health problems who have capacity to refuse or consent to treatment, so that "they can never be treated against their will". Those who recognized the symptoms were more likely to recommend professional help over self-help strategies, and were also less likely to feel stigma. However, because she did not feel like she was worth the trouble to get better and found no problem with her current state she resisted treatment and only pretended to take the matter seriously.

"Nearly eight in 10 people don't recognize prescription drug abuse as a treatable problem", says the release. From managing tasks with Trello to eliminating procrastination with Focus Booster, tech can help you make the most of your time.

"Children and young people face a huge range of pressures - from exams to cyberbulling, from body image to finding a job when they finish education".

Mental health problems are common and affect nearly every family in America. This type of perspective on mental health is poisonous and dated. Until then, we'll have to keep training our volunteers in mental health issues, because we're not just handing out food - we're a source of solace. Everyone knows a little bit about mental health issues. You are not alone, and help is available. They don't want to talk about it.

As the relevant Minister at the time, I was responsible for the development of "Rising to the Challenge", the Government's mental health plan from 2012 until earlier this year. With a passion to prevent this from happening to other mothers, Ms Paterson founded the not-for-profit organisation Mothers Helpers - a service with the intention of helping women recover from mild-moderate perinatal depression who would not meet Maternal Mental Health criteria. So much is expected of us (sell your soul to buy a house! if you save your pocket money from age five, you can afford uni!) and it's all premised on a workaholic view of success, and this idea that if you're not succeeding, you're probably not trying hard enough. The National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, has made great strides in the support for and availability of help.

If you are looking to help someone suffering from mental illness, or if you want to know the signs and symptoms, MHP's Behavioral Health Services offers free eight-hour classes.

Hiring a therapist can be one of the most important and scary steps you take. The mental health charity, Mind has also found that mental health issues such as stress are the number one cause of workplace absence. How are things now compared to six months ago?

'We absolutely do need days, weeks, months dedicated to making people more aware of mental illness - yes, even more aware than we collectively are right now.

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