Energy Stats: Need a Roof? I Got a Guy

The high-performance all-electric Tesla Roadster

The high-performance all-electric Tesla Roadster

Bloomberg estimates that outfitting a 2,000 square foot house in NY with Tesla's solar roof would cost about $50,000. Roof covers will be from textured or smooth black glass, so everyone can pick one. In general, you can expect the Solar Roof tiles to cost between $30 and $45 per square foot.

Also the solar shingles are much more durable than traditional shingles, and Tesla is raising some eyebrows with its lifetime warranty.

One of the most highly anticipated pieces of TSLA's SolarCity ambitions has been the concept of a full solar roof. Italian start-up Dyaqua, inspired to bring the historic retrofit industry into the 21st century, has ramped up manufacturing on its so-called "Invisible Solar" photovoltaic roof tiles that are indistinguishable from traditional terra cotta, wood or stone roofing.

While homeowners may be eager to embrace solar energy, it is important to understand that many people will not be able to cover their entire roofs in solar tiles.

But that would include another pillar of Tesla's growing energy portfolio - the home battery storage device called the Powerwall. They are part of Tesla's vision of delivering fully integrated solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle technologies.

Tesla will manufacture the tiles at its solar factory in Buffalo, New York. He says that the power of sun goes to the batteries and that is how all the roof owners will have electricity at night.

But perhaps investors in Tesla forget that the SEC just opened up an investigation into the company with regards to reporting solar cancellations less than a week ago. The predictions also considered the major factor in reducing the electricity bills and the time life of the roof.

And that is why Musk made a decision to spend $2 billion to acquire SolarCity, a controversial move that transformed Tesla into a clean energy force, but also loaded up the company with a lot of debt.

Tesla only confirmed that installation would start in "certain regions of the U.S" in June, therefore, the locations of the job postings might give us an indication of where Tesla plans to make its first solar roof installations.

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