Fernando Alonso takes swipe at Honda after dismal practice day in Barcelona

White smoke enveloped the two-time Formula One champion when his McLaren spun out of a turn and into the gravel at the start of the morning session at the Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya.

"We can't pass on the straight so we stayed behind him and from there the race was more complicated".

The drip turned into a gush of yellowish liquid when a crane lifted the McLaren away from the track.

By then, Alonso was being ferried back to the paddock on the back of a scooter, meekly waving to some of the local fans who had come to give the Spaniard a much needed boost.

Alonso told the Spanish newspaper ABC he had hoped the dawn of the all-new 2017 regulations would be Honda's turning point.

"Always here [in Spain], I find this extra motivation to take care of every detail of the vehicle", he said.

Alonso's attention quickly turned to his pursuit of the second jewel in the Triple Crown and feels he is in with a small chance of winning the iconic race.

"It's a track that is very hard to follow on, so if we do a good start and keep this position the points are a real possibility", said Alonso, who conceded that the extended DRS zone for this weekend could work against him due to his power disadvantage.

He went off to play tennis, spending more time on the court than in the vehicle that day, before returning to prop up the timesheets in the afternoon and discuss the damage to Honda's reputation.

The 35-year-old arguably is the most talented driver now racing in F1, but he's been held back by his ailing Honda power unit since he joined McLaren in 2015.

Alonso is yet to see the chequered flag this season, having retired from the first three races of the year and failed to start last time out in Russian Federation.

With Sauber scoring points, courtesy of eighth for Pascal Wehrlein, McLaren is the only team yet to register a top 10 finish this season.

Alonso's auto suffered a failure on the first lap in Barcelona. There was on auto on one side of the garage with only two people working on it, and on the other side was this vehicle with people all over it like bees.

Alonso will miss the Monaco Grand Prix in a fortnight's time as he heads to the United States for the Indianapolis 500.

Hamilton is battling with Bottas and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel for the world championship this season. Shortly after exiting the garage in FP1 a mechanical issue caused an oil leak forcing him to stop out on track.

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