Jabrill Peppers participates in rookie camp amidst more speculation

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Peppers didn't practice with the rest of the rookies because he hadn't signed the participation agreement that's necessary without a contract.

Peppers attributed not signing the agreement, a rarity in the National Football League, to "just some things with paperwork".

The Cleveland Browns welcomed Jabrill Peppers to the practice field on Saturday after the rookie finally filled out paperwork allowing him to do so.

Rizzo, clearly taken aback by Parr's statement, quickly came to Peppers' defense.

She claimed that the clips were out-of-context of the full program, and the reason she said specifically that she thought Peppers was "on the lean" or molly was because "we were discussing how the drug of choice has changed...and what's popular" right now.

"I guess I can't say certain things", Parr said, and one of the co-hosts interrupted to say, "No". "Stop asking questions about that".

Despite testing positive for a dilute sample at the Combine, the Cleveland Browns took the versatile player with the 25th overall pick in the first round of this year's NFL Draft.

"I don't know why you think of me like that, but everyone is entitled to an opinion, " he said at the podium before practice. "Can I ask why you guys are burying this kid already?"

"I mean, people can say whatever they want to say", he continued.

Though Peppers didn't play on Friday, he was still the center of attention.

"Absolutely not, never in my life". "I don't have anything bad to say about Joe, and I'm not saying that to kiss up", she said.

The scrutiny grew Wednesday when radio personality Sabrina Parr said on WKNR 850-AM of Peppers, "He's not going to make it because he's on the Lean and the Molly", adding she had witnessed it "firsthand". I just think people want to say what they say to make stories.

"We talked to Jabrill about that", said Brown. So I'm not even gonna get into that because-no. "I can only control what I can control, and that is being the best ball player and best person I can be". "I'm not babying him, that's for sure", he said, "because the other teams aren't going to baby him".

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