Joss Whedon Film Imagines World Without 'Beacon of Hope' Planned Parenthood

Joss Whedon Film Imagines World Without 'Beacon of Hope' Planned Parenthood

Joss Whedon Film Imagines World Without 'Beacon of Hope' Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Federation President Cecile Richards spoke at the New York Women's Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebrating Women Breakfast in Manhattan proclaiming the commitment to fight for abortion rights. Ninety percent of the program's funding came from the federal government. If Trump allows Texas to get around the Medicaid free-choice provision, he will be rewarding state health officials for selling out women's bodies for political points and signaling to other states that it could be a winning move for them, too. This is to keep states from discriminating against health care providers for ideological, racial or religious reasons. Texas is hoping that Trump, who once made the laughably daft suggestion that Planned Parenthood stop performing abortions in exchange for keeping its Medicaid patients, will show about as much deference to this longstanding rule as he has to other health-care protections for low-income Americans.

She also said the state's history of cuts to reproductive health, and its year-over-year efforts to edge Planned Parenthood out of taxpayer-funded reproductive health care, have been short-sighted. The tens of millions of dollars in federal Medicaid funding that it lost each year was the price Texas had to pay for sticking to its guns. But behind the familiar feel was a subtle shift in lobbying by Planned Parenthood of California. And Texas may well have a good chance. "The concern is that this would set a precedent for federal approval of family planning programs that excludes providers that provide abortions and their affiliates", said Stacey Pogue, a public policy analyst for the Austin, Texas-based Center for Public Policy Priorities.

"The waiver is sort of a mechanism to have this program to be recognized and draw down federal funds for it", explained Michael Ghasemi of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, during a Women's Health Advisory Committee meeting Monday.

"I don't want my federal dollars used for discriminatory practices", Benjamin says.

The Casper location does not provide abortions. According to Yvonne Gutierrez, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, "Texas has become the model for other red states wanting to restrict abortion".

That afternoon, Whedon's crew was setting up a scene in which a woman with breast cancer collapses in pain in her kitchen, dropping her groceries on the floor.

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"If politicians succeed in shutting down Planned Parenthood, millions of people lose access to basic health services", writer-director Whedon said in a statement of his motivation for making UNLOCKED. State and federal law already prevented taxpayer dollars from being spent on abortion.

Mansares said while Wyoming may no longer have any physical locations, Planned Parenthood will remain present in the state through their partnership with NARAL and a 24/7 text messaging service.

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