No China investor meetings this weekend for Kushner company

Chinese staff wait for investors at a reception desk during an event promoting EB-5 investment in a Kushner Companies development at a hotel in Shanghai China Sunday

No China investor meetings this weekend for Kushner company

The real estate business drew criticism after Meyer mentioned her brother and his job as a top White House adviser during a sales pitch last weekend in Beijing.

"Before being asked to leave, reporters heard Jared Kushner's sister Nicole Meyer tell Chinese investors that they could participate in a New Jersey real estate project that 'means a lot to me and my entire family'".

Last weekend, Nicole Kushner Meyer, Jared's sister, pitched a group of wealthy Chinese investors on a luxury-apartment-building project in New Jersey.

It is claimed that the family business, Kushner Companies - which is now fronted by Kushner's sister Nicole Kushner Meyer - used its connections to garner $150m (£116m) for its project in exchange for USA visas.

James Yolles, a Kushner Company spokesman, declined to say to Bloomberg whether a third party would promote the project on its behalf.

According to marketing materials from one of the organizers of the roadshow, sales events for the project are scheduled in the southern cities of Shenzhen on Saturday and Guangzhou on Sunday. Kushner's sister headlined events in Beijing and Shanghai last weekend to seek more than US$150 million (RM651.7 million) in investment in a U.S. luxury apartment complex.

The company quickly apologized, saying it was not the company's intention to use the connection.

The EB-5 program allows wealthy foreigners to, in effect, buy USA immigration visas for themselves and families by investing at least $500,000 in certain development projects. But critics say loopholes have allowed deep-pocketed developers to finance lucrative projects in well-to-do urban areas instead of drawing jobs to needier areas, as the law intended.

Jared Kushner's father-in-law, Donald Trump, even popped up once during the presentation, described as a "key decision maker" about the future of the EB-5 program. That one, called Trump Bay Street, is in a licensing deal with President Donald Trump's company.

Steve Fulop, the mayor of Jersey City, also said over the weekend that he opposed the Kushners' request for $30.4 million in city bonds and a 30-year tax abatement.

"And the pitch came with a sweetener: Meyer talked about the Kushner family, including her brother who holds a powerful position in the White House as senior adviser to President Trump".

More than 1,00,000 Chinese have poured at least $24 billion in the last decade into "golden visa" programmes across the world that offer residence in exchange for investment.

Roberts also said Kushner sold his interests in the Journal Square project to a family trust. The company said Meyer had done so only in an attempt to make clear that her brother was not involved.

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