Tehran didn't seek access to Kulbhushan Jadhav: Iran's envoy to Pakistan

Pakistan Vienna Convention Kulbushan Jadhav

A screengrab of QC Khawar Qureshi as he pleads at the International Court of Justice from Pakistan's side

Jadhav was sentenced to death for "espionage and subversive activities".

The Indian diaspora in the capital city of Netherlands, is busy gathering support and wishing that Jadhav's is set free and is soon reunited with his family.

On Wednesday, the Congress said that approaching the ICJ on the issue of Jadhav might expose India to the "risk" of Pakistan raising issues internationally and stressed that issues must be solved bilaterally. India was denied consular access to Jadhav. The recommendations were sent after a two-day meeting on the matter. The response is yet to come.

The Atlantique incident of 1999, when a Pakistan Navy plane was shot down by India in the disputed Rann of Kutch area, is of special interest to Pakistan.

According to the press release put out by the ICJ, India would make its oral observations at the court before lunch on Monday while Pakistan would argue its case in the post-lunch session.

Moreover, India has contended that it was not informed of Mr. Jadhav's detention until long after his arrest and that Pakistan failed to inform the accused of his rights.

On the other hand, Attorney General Ishtar Ausaf's office is combing through bilateral treaties and agreements.

Moreover, the Supreme Court, in a recent case challenging the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, had kept with itself the judicial authority of reviewing any sentence awarded by the military courts if the condition of fair trial was not met, Justice Chohan said. One is the review in FGCM (Field General Court Martial), the second is the Supreme Court and the final is the mercy petition. Islamabad had told ICJ that the case pertained to Pak's "national security" and would not be a part of the Court's jurisdiction, according to reports.

Ali Nawaz Chohan, who served as a judge at ICJ during 2006-09, shares the same view.

The United States withdrew from the ICJ's compulsory jurisdiction in 1986 after the court ruled it owed Nicaragua war reparations.

She said ICJ's intervention "reflected the larger global sentiment against Pakistan's decision".

During a reception at the Italian Embassy on Thursday, Honardoost clarified his country's position on the issue, saying Iran has nothing to do with Jadhav and it did not demand or request from Pakistan any consular access to the Indian national.

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