Texas House OKs rejecting non-Christian parents



House Bill 3859 advanced with a 94-51 vote.

Frank has said the intent of the bill is to grow a diverse network of agencies with varying beliefs that can accommodate different kinds prospective parents, without forcing the almost one-quarter of agencies that are faith-based providers to violate their consciences.

"In addition, this discriminatory bill purports to "solve" this issue of those children and prospective parents denied placement and participation for so-called religious reasons through the creation of a separate foster care system".

"We're further casting these children off", said State Rep.

"HB 3859, while well-intentioned, blurs the goals of the legislature", said Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston.

"We want to make sure that we can practice within the framework of our sincerely held religious beliefs", Daniels said.

The state Senate voted 20-11 Tuesday to approve a bill that would allow Texas to license two family lockdowns, despite past state court rulings that such facilities do not meet requirements to care for kids. Christian Homes & Family Services supports the bill, saying it would protect them against potential lawsuits.

But without "requiring providers to provide advanced notice of what rights they will deny, this is impossible for CPS to do", the House Democratic Caucus said in a tweet responding to that claim.

Currently, there are five other states with similar laws protecting faith-based adoption organizations that refuse to place children with gay parents or other households on religious grounds - but Texas' rule would extend to state-funded agencies. If it passes and is signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott, as expected, Texas would become the sixth state to pass such a law, after North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia, Michigan, and Alabama.

The Texas House of Representatives has passed a measure to allow adoption agencies discriminate against LGBT people.

The ACLU said HB 3859 is one of 17 bills filed in Texas legislature this session that "would allow government officials, private individuals and businesses to discriminate against LGBT people in virtually all aspects of their lives".

The bill could legitimize a discrimination Sugarek said she and her wife already sensed when they began seeking out adoption around three years ago.

It also provides protections for agencies who intend to enroll children in religious educational institutions, as well as those who decline to provide referrals for abortion or contraceptives.

"We're now taking the considerations of the providers over the best interest of the child", she said. Statler said there are 15,000 children in foster care in Texas, and about a quarter were placed by Christian agencies.

However, there is another group harmed by the bill, according to Maddox, that represents an even more critical aspect of the bill's effect: children.

The bill that was scheduled for debate and approval this past weekend in the state house, however it will be discussed later this week.

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