US admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'

A woman walks by a TV news program showing images of North Korean missile launch published in the country's Rodong Sinmun newspaper at Seoul Railway station in Seoul South Korea Monday

US admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'

The United States military stationed in South Korea has informed the host country of its detection of a recent North Korean missile launch, but important facts were omitted in the information sharing, sources said Wednesday.

"I want to confirm that we are categorically against the expansion of the club of nuclear powers, including with the Korean Peninsula and North Korea,"CNN quoted Putin, as saying, adding that any such move would be "harmful and dangerous".

Rosselli, the Uruguayan ambassador to the United Nations, voiced absolute rejection of the continued nuclear tests and missile launches conducted by North Korea, adding the council will be working on ways to resolve the threat. "They have really tried to help us in our communications with North Korea".

The statement condemned the missile launch and said the Council would monitor the situation and impose significant new sanctions.

Another defense official also indicated that the missile fired on Sunday also fell short of succeeding in re-entry, a key ballistic missile technology the North is reportedly struggling to achieve.

The United States has been discussing possible new U.N. sanctions with Pyongyang's ally and neighbor China since a failed missile test about two weeks ago.

The Council has imposed six sets of sanctions against the North since 2006.

"The actions of North Korea are unacceptable to the world, really", the admiral said during discussions with Kishida.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that the worldwide community had to send North Korea a "no more" signal and said the U.S. would be willing to talk to North Korea only if the country abandoned its nuclear and missile program.

Haley said the USA and China have been working on "a unified plan" on how to approach North Korea that would include stronger implementation of existing sanctions and tougher new sanctions.

The UNSC and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday both slammed the missile launches conducted by North Korea. Haley said, adding that Russian Federation had it "all wrong".

On Monday morning, North Korea officially confirmed that it had conducted the launch of a medium-range ballistic missile a day before.

At the same time, President Donald Trump has said he would be willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances.

"We're not trying to do any of those things", she said.

"Absolutely, sanctions is something that we are looking at and we are going to continue to see where that takes us".

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