Amazon's Dash Wand Leverages Alexa to Speed Up Shopping

Amazon's Dash Wand Leverages Alexa to Speed Up Shopping

Amazon's Dash Wand Leverages Alexa to Speed Up Shopping

The first iteration of Amazon's Dash Wand wasn't long for this world.

The Dash Wand eliminates the need for having separate Dash Buttons for various household items so you can quickly reorder them, and it also offers Echo functionality without the higher price of an Amazon Echo speaker.

The device is water-resistant, durable, and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge.

The Dash Wand first launched in the United States in 2014 (though only made it to the UK in 2016), and now it's getting an upgrade. Customers can then use that $20 credit to order things from Amazon. Making the shopping experience easier and offering a new Alexa toy to play with will only drive up orders, as if Amazon needs any help to keep its business afloat. This means you can also employ the Dash Wand to control your connected home devices - but it does not support playing music - which would've been a fun little addition. It can be used to find recipes, convert unit measurements and search for nearby restaurants. After pairing the device with your phone over Wi-Fi, you can eve use Alexa on this thing to ask any question you would on, say, an Echo or Fire tablet.

It's the second version of Amazon's Dash Wand, but this one includes Amazon's smart voice assistant Alexa.

The Amazon Dash Wand is also nearly free for users. This makes the product practically free and makes it a great deal indeed. It usually costs $14.99 per month and allows you to order a range of groceries for same day or next day delivery. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, though, the megaretailer is basically giving one away for free - just because.

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