Minecraft is Finally getting Cross-Play on Consoles and PC

Those that own Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will receive the brand new version of Minecraft for free, with existing worlds and DLC transferrable.

It appears as though Sony isn't regretting their decision to join in on the fun. Players have always had to go online, find a server IP online, copy and paste it across to the Minecraft client, without any validation about what the server they're connecting to is like.

Sony's track record for allowing cross-platform play has been good so far, but perhaps they didn't want to offer it with their key competitor in the console space. But when you are adding to the existing world, slowly and continuously over the years, then the constraints do become an issue.

The Xbox 360 and Wii U editions still remain separate for now.

To avoid confusion, Microsoft will call the game's Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile versions simply as "Minecraft".

Microsoft's desire for convergence has its limits, though. "Minecraft" communications manager Aubrey Norris even said, "We have no intention to push people one way or other". Also featured in this update is 4K output for the One X and devices that support the resolution.

Thoughts about the Better Together Update for Minecraft? It's unusual to think of Minecraft's crude, blocky figures as something in need of high-end graphics, but the fall change will endow the game with high-resolution 4K graphics support so it'll look better playing on big-screen TVs, Microsoft said.

The game began its journey in 2009 as an alpha version.

It's a new concept for "Minecraft" as a platform unto itself rather than a distinct game.

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