Nintendo appears to be making a second comeback in video game consoles


Nintendo appears to be making a second comeback in video game consoles

Super Mario Odyssey will come to the Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

Gaming royalty Mario is back with an exciting new game Super Mario Odyssey, which features a new mechanic letting our mustachioed hero take over enemies' bodies with his handy hat.

EB Games is saying that it's a limited item, so we'd recommend getting your pre-order in in the near future just in-case.

During Nintendo's E3 Treehouse live stream, it confirmed that there is two player cooperative multiplayer in Super Mario Odyssey.

Earlier this week we saw the first trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, which introduced a unique ability of Mario's hat. While that person is flying around, the other one can still be controlling Mario as usual as he run and jumps around the vicinity. We are talking about Cappy here, and he's probably more useful than, say, the hats that Mario has used in the past.

How much that will distract from the full game we're yet to see.

There's also no small Mario.

What's striking about Super Mario Odyssey is all the empty space. BUT, don't fret, the entire game can be played, without motion control, using the Pro Controller (they allowed us to try it in the media area).

Nintendo's twist on the franchise this time over focuses on newly-given functionality to an element that has always been a part of Super Mario games: Mario's cap.

The Nintendo Spotlight wasn't long but fans were very happy about the Japanese gaming giant's presentation.

Moreover, Nintendo announced intention to bring a proper Pokemon role-playing game to the Switch, capitalizing on a previous announcement of Pokemon games that included an upcoming port of Pokken Tournament for the Switch.

Of course, what use would an Ask Me Anything session be without delving into the juiciest details, such as the challenges involved in making Super Mario Odyssey, for example? Sometimes Cappy has to fly to an unreachable place and toggle a switch while Mario carries something important for the duo.

In this new chapter in Mario's story, he will have more animal friends.

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