Oscar Mayer Adds 'WienerDrone' to Wienermobile Fleet

Oscar Mayer Adds 'WienerDrone' to Wienermobile Fleet

Oscar Mayer Adds 'WienerDrone' to Wienermobile Fleet

Of course, the real coup de grâce is the new WienerDrone that is being billed as the world's first "unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft".

The new members of the fleet join the classic Wienermobile, the WienerMini and the WienerRover. Spotting the Wienermobile was (and is) a thrill, partly because the red and yellow wagon was one of the few places to get the coveted Oscar Mayer Wiener Whistle. The moped is powered by an 8.5 hp (6.3 kW) engine and it can hold up to eight hot dogs in its sidecar warming station. It features remote or autonomous control options.

The WienerDrone looks like a scaled-down version of the infamous Wienermobile, a hot-dog shaped automobile.

The fleet additions are part of Oscar Mayer celebrating it now being the first American brand to remove all nitrates and nitrites from its line of classic hot dog sausages, without changing its price point by a single cent, according to a press release. This time around, Oscar Mayer will not only be delivering a purportedly much healthier variety of their product, but is adding a drone and a motorcycle to its fleet.

The oddball drone holds the hot dog in a cardboard box, securing it with a net on its belly.

The WienerDrone and another new vehicle, the WeinerCycle, will make their debut at an Independence Day event in Weiner, Arkansas. The storied purveyor of hot beef-tubes is on a roll these days, upping the ante with its "WienerDrone", that's "going where other hot dogs can't".

The Oscar Mayer WienerFleet of vehicles includes a new drone.

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