Senate Judiciary Committee Investigating Loretta Lynch

Obstruction of Justice Charges for Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Senate Judiciary Committee Investigating Loretta Lynch

The second concern is Lynch's reported directive to then-FBI Director James Comey to publicly refer to the FBI's criminal investigation into Clinton's e-mails as a "matter" instead of an "investigation" or a "criminal probe".

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have asked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for information regarding the FBI's Hillary Clinton email investigation and whether there was any political interference involved in the matter.

That testimony occurred during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

"During your time in the Justice Department, did you ever have communications with Rep. Wasserman Schultz, her staff, her associates, or any other current or former DNC officials about the Clinton email investigation?" There are also looking for documents and information about whether the FBI investigated the communication.

If Lynch didn't know already, social media told her that she has some splaining to do. The Post reported that the email in question, sent by then-chair of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Leonard Benardo of the Open Society Foundations, indicated that Lynch had privately assured Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria that the FBI's investigation wouldn't "go too far". "The Senate Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department and is obliged to oversee any potential misconduct or inappropriate political influence at these agencies", Grassley said in a press statement. Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse, who lead the subcommittee looking into Russia's meddling - met with Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday to discuss de-conflicting his probe with the Senate investigation. Circa's John Solomon and Sara A. Carter reported: "During the conversation, Comey told lawmakers he confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton". Additionally, the senators asked if the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted them to investigate the alleged communications. When he approached the former attorney general, he was all but thrown out of her office without a response.

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