Son of Ex-Padre on Life Support After Freak Baseball Accident

Son of Ex-Padre on Life Support After Freak Baseball Accident

Son of Ex-Padre on Life Support After Freak Baseball Accident

Jason Lockhart, 15, the son of Keith Lockhart, was hit in the face with a baseball while at a tournament in Lexington, SC on June 17, according to Lexington High School's baseball coach Brian Hucks.

"Mrs. Lockhart's exact words to Jason were, 'Jason, God's got this'".

"He is going to be okay we just don't really know when". I think they are wanting to wait 48 hrs without any bleeding to feel at ease though,"Sydney told 11Alive".

Jason's nose was broken in the incident and he received stitches. They went in to his arteries and blood vessels and found the two most practical areas that could be feeding the areas where Jason has been bleeding.

According to his sister Sydney, because even minimal movements could trigger bleeding, doctors made a decision to heavily sedate Lockhart and put him on life support. However, he was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta the following Monday when his nose wouldn't stop bleeding.

Simple movements by Jason can cause the bleeding to return, which is why they placed him on ventilators.

"Last night they were able to put Jason into a paralytic state through meds and machines". They are also doing more x-rays and tests to see if they can identify where more bleeding is coming from and if the platelets levels are sufficient to help with clotting.

On Sunday, Lockhart underwent endovascular embolization surgery to discover where the bleeding originated. All they ask is for continuing prayers.

By June 20, his sister, Sydney, had tweeted: "Urgent prayer request: Life up my little brother please!" "Thank you for those that have sat with us in the middle of the night while Jason was in surgery, prayed with us, cried with us, distracted us, brought food and snacks, and the many texts and emails full of scripture, love, prayers, or anything on your hearts to reach out to us".

His father, Keith Drust, played for the Braves in the late 90s, and now the entire family is by Jason's side as he has endured multiple surgeries.

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