Thousands Walk To Slain Muslim Teen's Funeral In Virginia

Police said they could file appropriate charges if they later find the crime was motivated by hate.

"He killed her because she's a Muslim - this is what I tell the detective", Hassanen told the Washington Post. Torres drove up behind the group, began arguing with a boy on a bike and then drove his auto onto the curb, detectives said in a statement.

Martinez Torres reportedly had a verbal argument with the group of teens and chased them at the parking lot. "He drove his auto up over a curb, and sort of up a hill, and then around and over into a parking lot, where to the best of our knowledge at this point, he simply caught up with Nabra".

Martinez Torres is being held without bail on a murder charge in the slaying of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen.

Suzanne Barakat, whose younger brother, Deah, was one of three young Muslim Americans shot to death in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 2015, said Hassanen's death feels like "a replay". He was ordered held without bond pending a July 19 court appearance. It wasn't immediately clear whether he had an attorney. Police arrested Torres after a search.

The local NBC affiliate, WBAL-TV, reported on the case Tuesday without ever mentioning that Torres was an illegal alien from El Salvador.

According to the report, Hassanen, along with a group of friends, was on her way to the mosque after a late-night event at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling, VA.

The police said they collected several articles of evidence from Torres, but have not released details.

CAIR's Facebook page was filled Tuesday with comments about Nabra's death.

Her father, Mohmoud Hassanen, said that he hoped that the public in general could "stop hating on people for any kind of religion or anything like that".

Nabra's father told detectives that he thinks his daughter was killed because of her religion.

So far, Gotthardt says, they've found no indication of a link "between the victim's faith or religious beliefs or the mosque and the crime itself".

Those school days watching everyone eating in the busy lunchroom while she and Nabra and their other Muslim friends fasted were tough.

The likeness shows a pair of glasses like the ones Hassanen wore, over the outline of her face, wrapped in a headscarf, with the hashtag #Nabra. Seventeen-year-old Nabra Hassanen was slain over the weekend in northern Virginia.

Officials told Fox5DC that the makeshift memorial in Dupont Circle for Nabra Hassanen was set on fire after remains were found burnt around the neighborhood's fountain around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

His first born was "a lovely lady", who excelled in school, he said.

Mohamed Ahmed said he wanted the Hassanen family to know they were surrounded by people thinking of them. Trump signed an executive order earlier this year that would ban travellers from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

"We came because something very bad happened". The group of more than a dozen kids did not immediately realize Hassanen was missing.

"I don't have no answer", he said.

Support WND's legal fight to expose the Hamas front in the US, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "We have only each other", the imam said as he stood in front of Hassanen's coffin, covered by a black shroud decorated with quotes from the Quran. "Even if not, why is this individual targeting a group of people dressed in Muslim attire?" The article hyped the parents' claims that Islamaphobia was a motivation and linked the crime to the Portland incident and the London van attack.

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